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Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 1/23/12

The headlines that captured our attention last week:

Happy 2nd Birthday, iPad. What Will This Toddler Be When it Grows up? via Mashable – Two years ago Apple unveiled the iPad to the world. At the time, critics and analysts were quick to mock the name and criticized the devices shortcomings. Boy were they wrong.

The Ecommerce Revolution is All About You via TechCrunch – With the increasing mountains of data at digital retailers’ fingertips, ecommerce is about to get much more personal.

RIM Co-CEOs Are Out, Heins Is In via Mashable – Following weeks of speculation, Research in Motion (RIM) finally made a change in leadership. Is it too late in the battle against Apple and Android?

Facebook, Twitter Call Out Google On Social Search Results via Wall Street Journal – It seems like the battle of the social media titans is heating up.

Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 1/16/12

The headlines that captured our attention last week in the digital space:

Facebook to Introduce New Open Graph Apps, Gestures Wednesday via Mashable – A report stated the Open Graph upgrade will introduce new apps as well as a range of Gestures beyond the current “like,” “read” or “watch.”

Study: Facebook Pages Shouldn’t Post More Than 1x Every 3 hours via TechCrunch – Facebook Page analytics company EdgeRank Checker found that engagement and impressions are maximized if posts are limited to no more than once every three hours.

Pinterest Fans Rejoice: Facebook Adds Pinterest Plus 60 New Apps via Mashable – Last Wednesday Facebook announced a partnership with 60 well-known apps, including Pinterest, Foursquare and Spotiify, that will allow users to share information across platforms.

Report: 798 Daily Deal Sites Folded In The Last 6 Months of 2011 via TechCrunch – A recent report released by Daily Deal Media highlights the fast turnover rate within the industry.

Online Ad Spending to Surpass Print for First Time in 2012 [STUDY] via Mashable – A study by eMarketer projects online advertising spend to reach $39.5 billion by the end of 2012, while print advertising is expected to fall behind for the first time in U.S. History to $33.8 billion.

Want More Stickiness? Users Logging In Through Social Networks Spend 50% More Time On Site via TechCrunch – More data released by Gigya (a social SaaS technology company) solidifies the connection between social integration and increased engagement on websites.

Ecommerce Industry Round up – Week of 1/9/12

The headlines that captured our attention last week in the digital space:

10 Companies That Hit the Bullseye with Online Contests via Mashable – A list of success cases boasting lasting value.

Pinterest: 13 tips and Tricks for Cutting Edge Users via Mashable – A concise how-to for this new social network that is quickly gaining traction.

Google Fuses Google+ Into Search – And There Are Bigger Changes Afoot via TechCrunch – Google search results to become more personalized for users as Google+ data is incorporated.

A Psychotactic That Caused 3x More People to Buy a Discounted Coffee Mug via GetElastic – The “special” factor and motivating customers to purchase.

Microsoft Bing Search Queries Overtake Yahoo for the First Time in December via TechCrunch – ComScore’s search data report for December lands Bing ahead of Yahoo.

Silicon Valley Vs. Silicon Alley via Mashable – An infographic that compares New York’s growing digital environment to the West Coast pillar.

Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 1/2/12

The headlines that captured our attention last week in the digital space:

Small e-retailers Win Holiday Sales via Internet Retailer – Strong holiday sales were also seen among niche online retailers.

Online Sales Buoy U.P.S and FedEx via NYTimes – Shipping carriers benefit significantly from higher e-commerce sales and free shipping promotions.

U.S. Online Holiday Shopping Season Reaches Record $37.2 Billion for November-December period, Up 15 Percent vs. Year Ago via comScore – The last report of the holiday season shows good numbers for e-commerce.

How Pinterest Will Transform the Web in 2012: Social Content Curation As The Next Big Thing via Elad Blog – A look at how social media has transformed over the years and the emerging trend of image-based “social curation sets.”

Using Social Buttons to Enhance Search Engine Optimization via Practical Ecommerce – A comprehensive overview of opportunities for incorporating social buttons on ecommerce sites.

How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics via Mashable – Looking at data points to assess acquisition, engagement, and outcome.

PayPal’s First In-Store, Brick and Mortar Mobile Payments Integration is at Home depot via TechCrunch – PayPal announces the start of a new in-store payment system, with hints at location-based offers to come.

Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 12/12/11

The headlines that captured our attention last week in the digital space:

E-retailers power through the holiday season via Internet Retailer: Data from ComScore reports that online holiday spending between November 1st and December 9th is up 15% from last year, at $24.6 billion.

Improve Your Site’s iPad Usability in 1 Simple Step via GetElastic: How making small adjustments to optimize for touch-screen devices and clumsy fingers can really make a difference.

62% of mobile phone users age 25-34 own smartphones, Nielsen says via Internet Retailer: Know your demographics. Smartphone usage rate currently highest among young adults.

“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion!” via Social Media Week: A view on social media as a “great equalizer” of fashion.

E-Commerce Sites Cater to Procrastinators by Extending Free Shipping via NYTimes Bits: As online retailers fight to accomodate consumers, the free shipping cut-off date creeps closer to Christmas Eve.

Facebook Timeline: The Complete Guide via Mashable: Facebook Timeline is live for all. Here is Mashable’s guide.

How Brands Can Fly High on the New Twitter via Search Engine Watch: Take advantage of the new changes introduced by Twitter.