Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Frame Denim

Acadaca is excited to announce the launch of Originally known for their denim line of products, Frame has grown into a ready-to-wear brand that continues to embody the quality of the founders’ restrained and effortlessly perfect aesthetic. Frame offers essential everyday styles, featuring ready-to-wear clothing for men and women as well as an extensive denim collection.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.14.30 PM is a responsive website that allows users to seamlessly shop and explore the site on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.30.53 PM


Frame’s denim styles are featured in the Denim Fit Guide section of the site. The guide displays high-quality images of each fit from different angles, giving customers a visual representation of how each pair fits. Visitors to the site can select different styles from within each fit and then shop for the products that will look best.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.38.38 PM


The site also features interactive stories and campaigns. Visitors can scroll through to view how outfits come together and hover over individual clothing items to bring up information about specific articles.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.50.25 PM


Congratulations to Frame on their beautiful new site! We’re excited to welcome them to the Acadaca team.

Client Spotlight: Thom Browne

Acadaca is very excited to announce the launch of The New York-based brand is known for offering luxury apparel, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Thom Browne himself was motivated to launch the brand with a goal of re-inspiring men and the concept of business-casual dressing by offering an updated approach to the tailored suit. Over the course of his career, Thom Browne has become synonymous with tailored apparel and suiting.

ThomBrowne_1 is a responsive website that allows users to shop their product offering, as well as view present and past collections on desktop, tablet, and mobile.



The site also offers a unique TB Journal page where customers can read journal entries and explore social medial posts curated by the Thom Browne team, helping to make for shopping on the website a more well-rounded experience.


Congratulations to Thom Browne and the whole Thom Browne team on the development and launch of a beautiful website.

Client Spotlight: Bandier

Acadaca is proud to announce the launch of Bandier offers fashion forward luxury fitness apparel and accessories, catering to women with an active lifestyle. Founded by Jennifer Bandier, the brand is known for it’s exclusive items and design collaborations with well-known artists from around the world.



The Bandier lifestyle is featured in the Magazine section of the site. Here users can read about a number of topics including healthy recipes to fuel women on-the-go, celebrity athlete profiles, interviews with beauty experts, and recommended music playlists.

Bandier2 is a responsive site so that visitors can browse the products from all devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Bandier offers the best of fashion, fitness and music and we’re excited to have Bandier as part of our #SmartCommerce team.

Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 12/21

Here are the news and headlines that grabbed our attention this past week:

Pushing Hard on E-Commerce, Pinterest Adds Price-Drop Alerts to Buyable Pins via Ad Age:  Pinterest is continuing to push hard into ecommerce as it recently introduced price-drop notifications for its Buyable Pins as well as a shoppable collection that resembles a coupon circular in that it only features Buyable Pins with reduced prices.

Pinterest said it has more than 1 million price drops daily. Brands selling goods through the platform include Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Kate Spade.

The image bookmarking service recently added thousands of new merchants with the addition of three new e-commerce platforms: Magento, IBM Commerce and Bigcommerce. There are no fees for merchants or Pinterest users; the company generates revenue whenever merchants advertise on the site.

Social Ecommerce Platforms Are Changing the Fashion Industry via Huffington Post:  With the introduction of online companies like apliiq and custom ink, the fashion industry is very different today than it was ten years ago. Crowdfunding ecommerce platforms like Viralstyle have made marketing and selling clothes intrinsically different and new for consumers and distributors.

These changes have provided a wealth of benefits for buyers and sellers, and have opened up opportunities and options for both parties. The possibilities of customizability and choice have been immensely broadened for clothing buyers, while clothing sellers and distributors are able to have an easier, more direct route for finding the right customers.

For many reasons, social commerce platforms are revolutionizing the fashion industry. A few of the impacts include the production of clothes, and the availability and marketability of products. To understand the impacts, it is helpful to understand the way that the industry has functioned historically.

6 Content Ideas to Keep Ecommerce Shoppers in the Holiday Spirit via Hubspot:  You’ve been prepping your ecommerce site for a banner holiday season for months now. You’ve adding sparkly graphics, and changed up clever copy, but you may be forgetting one major thing: your content. See, many of the consumers who find your website this holiday season may not be regular customers. They’re probably shopping for someone else. How will they know they’ve found the perfect products if you don’t have content in place to help them?

Predicting the Biggest Ecommerce Trends in 2016 via Econsultancy:  Econsultancy tells us… you guessed it, their take on the biggest ecommerce trends heading into 2016. Learn more about reducing your reliance on Google, investment in content-rich experiences, and prioritization of visitors, not visits.

Client Spotlight: Draper James

Acadaca is excited to announce the launch of! Draper James is a new Southern-inspired sportswear and lifestyle brand designed by Reese Witherspoon. This line has a lot of meaning to the infamous creator who is taking a very hands-on approach to every detail due to her southern upbringing and deep-rooted love of the south.


The website reflects Witherspoon’s idea of keeping the brand colorful and filled with traditional southern prints. In addition to clothing, the e-commerce web site offers home décor, stationary, cocktail napkins and bedding.

CS_DraperJames2 is a responsive site that allows customers to view the line of products on all different devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile.


This website also features a unique personalization section that allows customers to monogram and customize products to one’s liking.


With so much of Witherspoon’s wholesome personality featured throughout, customers will certainly not be bored browsing and shopping this site! Congratulations to Reese Witherspoon and the whole Draper James Team on the creation and launch of such an inspiring brand!