Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 3/28

Here are the news and headlines that grabbed our attention this past week:

How E-commerce Brands Use Instagram To Reach Their Goals via ClickZ:  Instagram has quickly turned into the favourite social network for many brands, as it seems to combine the appealing user experience with its recent business evolution. With a highly engaged community of more than 400 million users and a powerful creative context, brands enjoy its popularity, but also its effectiveness.

Instagram is ideal for e-commerce brands, as it blends the creative and high-quality environment with the engaged audience that uses the social network as a source of inspiration, but also as the first step to their next purchasing decision.

Instagram has the highest browser-to-shopper conversion rate of all the social networks, while users are also more willing to interact with brands comparing to other platforms. It’s the creativity, the passionate community, the easy and direct mobile access, along with the crucial support from Facebook that helped to make Instagram popular, making it today one of the most important social platforms, especially for e-commerce brands that want to reach new prospects, with the ultimate goal of converting them into loyal customers.

How to Help E-commerce Customers Avoid Buyers’ Remorse via HubSpot:  Part of running a successful e-commerce business is the ability to keep buyers coming back for more. Excellent customer service has long been a determining factor in a buyer’s loyalty, but you may be surprised to learn it’s not the only thing you can do to make sure your customers buy again. In fact, for a guaranteed return visit, you need a quality product, excellent customer service, and choice closure.

Choice paradox is that pesky psychological hangup that occurs when buyers have too many options available. Maybe those options aren’t all available from just one online store, either. With your products and those of your competitors, buyers can get overwhelmed.

In some cases, those buyers just won’t make a choice at all. They’ll experience choice paralysis and never end up making a purchase. You can help a buyer avoid this particular situation, but again, since your company isn’t the only one selling similar products, there is no way to guarantee buyers won’t still struggle with their choice.

Google Set To Launch YouTube Connect Livestreaming Service To Take on Periscope via The Drum:  Google is poised to take on Twitter’s livestreaming app Periscope with the launch of its very own real-time video platform YouTube Connect.

The internet giant has been quietly developing the product in the background, as it looks to double down on live video, according to a report from VentureBeat. YouTube Connect will be available for Apple and Android users and will allow people to link up their streams with their Google and YouTube accounts. Additionally, it will offer chat and tagging features as well as a ‘news feed’ style section featuring the latest clips from connections and channels an individual has subscribed to.

The Fitness Store Challenging Lululemon With $400 Yoga Pants via The New York Times: Learn more about Acadaca client Bandier, a two-year-old retail brand that specializes in high-end activewear for women seeking $400 yoga pants and other fashionable alternatives to giants like Lululemon and Athleta.